Aqualung Trim Weight Pocket


Aqualung Trim Weight Pocket

$ 120.00 $ 70.00

The AquaLung Trim Weight Pockets are a smaller alternative to add some weight to your Outlaw or Rogue BCD. Each pocket attach to the back of the BCD on your hip to add a few kilos of lead maintaining the minimalist theme of the Outlaw or to add a bit extra weight to the Rogue BCD.

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Aqualung Trim Weight Pockets

  • Each Aqualung trim weight pocket holds up to 2.25kg/5lbs of lead weights
  • Able to fit onto the Aqualung Outlaw BCD or Aqualung Rogue BCD
  • Able to fit onto standard 2 inch tank bands of Aqualung BCD
  • Able to fit onto other 2 inch cam bands of al major brands
  • Item is sold individually, not as a pair
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