Gull Coco Mask

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Gull Coco Mask is designed in Japan, thus the dive mask fits most asian faces and it is highly recommended to all asian lady divers.

With the design of a single lens mask. It has a great field of vision. Yet it is with a low volume design. Allowing easier clearance of water. The mask also has a water pooling reduction design. So no residue of water at the end of clearing the mask.

The DX spec buckle allows the diver to adjust the mask strap easily. Micro adjustment can be made easily on the mask. Offering greater comfort for the diver. While the mask is fitted, the release buckle and fine pitch strap adjustability make it easy to find the most comfortable fit. Even wearing thick gloves, you can easily adjust the mask using one hand.

All-in-one design ensures firm but gentle contact with the face. When you pull on the strap, you get an effective seal that is less likely to leave impressions on your skin.
The curled lip edge gives a soft and effective seal grip against the face and the skirt is less likely to leave impressions on your skin. This also allows the seal to have a greater and comfortable seal with the face, making it watertight.

The Gull Coco Mask is 100 percent made in japan. With the use of high quality Japanese silicone. we are sure that this mask will have the best fit for Asian faces.